Sorry we haven’t had a report the past few days. For those who went out today in the rough seas they caught a bunch sea mullet. We wrote up about 5 citations for mullet today with another 2 lber. Sea mullet have been on fire the past few days from Ramp 44, north to ramp 27. They have been caught on fishbites in ez flea and bloodworms. Sandfleas and shrimp have been producing the bigger fish. Drum were caught on the Point this afternoon around high tide and sunset. There were around 20, from yearlings to big drum. I wrote up 6 citations for drum. Anglers were having to fight through the sharks to get to the them. Flounder have been being caught and released up and down the beach. A few gray trout were caught as well.


Good luck to all the anglers fishing the Angler’s Club the next few days.

Casey and Dede