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Sunday Fishing Report  2/23/2020 PM

Sunday Fishing Report 2/23/2020 PM

Beautiful day here, sunny, 55 degrees, north winds about 10 mph. Water is very clear. Had several groups in today but everyone going out and enjoying beautiful weather. Had a group reported 14 Dogsharks and were happy to catch them. Many smaller and a couple of 4 foot...

Thursday 2-13-2020

Turned out to be a great beautiful day here in Buxton. Warm and windy. Only report we have are sharks out at the point. A little cool down is coming tonight. Have a great evening……. Travis

Fishing Report – Tuesday, 02/11/2020

Nothing has been reported to me for today.  I just heard that a few sea mullet were caught off Ramp 34 yesterday. It is unusual to catch sea mullet this time of year; it must be the warm weather. Why did the teenage fish get in trouble in class?  Because he was...

Fishing Report – 02/10/20

A beautiful day to get out there and soak some bait.  Anglers must still be out on the beach, because I haven’t heard much.  Sharks at the Point. Why did the old lady make a ton of fish-eye soup?  Because it would see her through the week. ...