Not a whole lot to report today. There were Sea Mullet and Blowtoads on the Point. Sea Mullet down on the south beaches and Ramp 55.  Sharks and Skates also made a showing at the Point. Bluefish seem to be scattered about, most were hit on cut bait today. Blowtoads were also caught on the north beaches. Hoping this nice weather helps the fishing pick back up.

As the season kicks off, please remember to leave the beach as you found it. This is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches. Pick up all of your trash and discarded fishing line. It only takes an extra minute to make sure all of your trash is picked up.  If your reel blows up, be sure to throw all that line in the truck, jeep, or suv. Bringing a trash bag with you will save some time. Everyone who frequents these beaches wants them to be as pretty as they can be, and by taking a quick second look around, we can keep them way. Thank You.