There is still plenty of Bluefish. This morning ramp 34 had some nice Sea Mullet, Pompano, and of course more Blues. Sharks are hitting everywhere between 38 and the point Spinners and Blacktips. We got bait; shrimp, big Mullet, and fresh fingers that were still kicking when we put them in the cooler. Heard late reports of  slot Drum around the motels and down in Hatteras. We wrote up one citation for a 49 inch drum late this evening, that was caught at the point. We also just received a new order of the new long cast Penn reels, that will let you throw a country mile. We also have new rigs, soft plastics, and plenty of Bluefish rigs to get you set up and catching fish. The wind and rain should start up tomorrow. Have a great evening   Dede “I out fish Keith for Spanish every time” Harrel and Casey “its too windy to kayak, but ill do it anyway” Pintar