Bluefish were the fish of the today although in smaller numbers from yesterday.  A school of big drum was reported with one unlucky angler earning a new reel after his was mangled by a 45+ inch monster.  Spanish mackerel were also caught this morning on metal along with pompano throughout the day.  Our bait guys continue to work hard supplying us with fresh bait daily so come on down and get some.

EXTRA, EXTRA, Bryan Lester has finally given up his futile attempt to work in the fishing industry and has moved into the Coiffure business.  His first attempt left one unlucky patron (yours truly) looking like a concrete block after a squirrel on crack chewed on it.  NOT TOO GOOD.  For you uneducated patrons coiffure means barber shopping.  Reddrum Tackle is now the only tackle shop on Hatteras Island offering bait and haircuts, so come get yours.  If you laugh at my hair you get charged double.

Signing off from Floyds Barbershop we are, DeeDee “she’s cleaning like a demon” Harrell and Keith “hair looks like crabgrass growing through asphalt” Whitener.