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It started out to be a beautiful day here on the Outer Banks today.  We are currently getting a little bit of rain, but that is supposed to stop around 11 AM.  The wind is from the SW this morning and that has driven some warm water up on the beaches. Those at the Point this morning have already caught some nice Blues up to 32″ and reports of Pups as well as Citation size Drum are coming in.  The Blow Toad and Sea Mullet bite continues on the South Beaches. The wind is forecast to go NW for a while later on today, but is then forecast to come back around to the SW. Should be a great day to get out there and catch a big one!!!

Update: Well, it’s still early in the day and the Big Drum bite is on.  At least 20 Overslot and Citation Drum were reported and several 30″ Blues.