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Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Saturday evening fishing report 02/24/18

It has been another beautiful day here on the island! The fishing has picked up from yesterday and we have been getting reports of slot size puppy drum and sharks being caught at the point. Also,  upper slot size puppy drum being caught at Ramp 55 and the inlet. I hope everyone has a great…

Friday afternoon fishing report 02/23/18

Considerably cooler this morning and the water temp has dropped some…There hasn’t been any reports of fish being caught off the beaches today, hopefully tomorrow the fishing will pick up.  Have a great evening and tight lines. Bryan

02/22/2018 Thursday

Still absolutely amazing weather here today for February and even more amazing that the fish are cooperating as well.  The bite started out with a few over slot drum, some yearlings, and even a few Blues at the Point this morning with a few scattered reports also coming in from Frisco and Hatteras.  The afternoon…

02/21/18 Wednesday

Wow, what an incredible day for February.  The fishing turned out to be not too shabby either with early morning reports of Red Drum at the Point up to 31″.  We also received scattered reports of Drum from Frisco to Ramp 55.  A few Sharks and Skates were also in the mix.  Expecting another beautiful…

Tuesday afternoon fishing report 02/20/18

Another gorgeous day here on the island! There have been a few reports of puppy drum being caught at ramp 55 and the point this morning! Also, a few reports of Black Drum being caught at the old Frisco pier!  Have a great evening and tight lines! Bryan

Monday Evening Fishing Report 02/19/18

Its been a perfect weather day here on the island today! The fishing has picked up and there has been numerous reports of puppy drum being caught at the point and a few puppy drum being caught at the inlet! Have a great evening and tight lines. Bryan

02/18/18 Sunday

The temperatures dropped quite a bit today which seemed to slow the bite down a little, but the Drum were still biting.  We had decent reports from South Side of the Point, Frisco, and the Inlet.

02/17/18 Saturday

The Drum seemed to be scattered out a little more today with reports of Slot Size Reds and a few Black Drum coming in from the Narrows and the Southside of the Point to Ramp 55.  Several fish were also reported in the inlet and even on the Sound Side.  With the winds shifting around…

02/16/2018 Fishing Report

Well, the day seemed to start out a little slow today, but afternoon reports keep coming in for Black and Slot Size Red Drum being caught from Hatteras Inlet to Frisco.  A few Drum were caught at the Point as were Skates and Sharks.  All in all a good day of fishing and a beautiful…

Thursday afternoon fishing report 02/15/18

Reports of a few puppy drum at Ramp 44 and Ramp 55. The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so grab your gear and get fishing! Have a great evening and tight lines! Bryan