10/16/20 Friday.

Folks ive seen so many different fish caught in the last few days, just today i’ve seen big pompano sea mullet Spanish mackerel false albacore lots of sharks puppy drum and sheep head the only thing is though you have to go to get them ya cant catch them from...

10/15/20 Thursday.

Today there were lots of blue fish and Spanish  at the point and all the sharks you want to mess with,. sheep head at the piers its kinda strange everything is still biting.


Today was another winner…the sun was out and the fish were biting! The point produced a nice variety which included Puppy Drum, Spanish, Blues, and Sharks.  And Trout and Puppies were found in the sound.  

10/11/20 Sunday Morning

Well its not daylight yet and im sitting here watching all these trucks turn towards the point thismorning  from what ive heard  there was a lot of really nice Spanish caught yesterday and i think it will be the same today and the Drum of all sizes are still biting so...