3/2/2021 Tuesday.

Hey guys we just got some mullet in for bait we have 50 pounds of fresh jumping mullet . I also heard about somebody fishing sound side in Avon catching trout so things are starting to happen people it’s not gonna be long and season will be here.   Mike.


Today i have heard about bluefish skates and dog sharks all at the point. I  was told the water really looks good also.


What a great day here in Buxton. Sunshine and some warm air. Had a report of some small sharks at the point. Hopefully this warm weather keeps coming and the fishing picks up. Have a great night…….RDT

2/24/2021 Wednesday.

Heard about puppy drum being caught at ramp 55 yesterday and today. I saw a photo of a 7 pound bass caught yesterday. Just wanted to remind everyone we have those Penn Squalls combo’d with a Penn Battalion 12′ rod for $199. Individually the Penn Squall and...