Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Fishing Report – 4/3/2020

Blow toads are being caught off Ramp 55.  Sharks are biting at the Point.  A lot of anglers have been asking for sand flea fishbites; we now have them in stock. What fish goes up the river at 100 mph?  A motor pike.  Denise

Thursday Fishing Report, 4/2/2020 P.M.

4/2/20    The satellite water shot around the point looks kinda cold but from Frisco to ramp 55 looks pretty good for water temp, I’ve heard of puffers , sea mullet, and slot puppy drum being caught, all between Frisco and Hatteras Inlet, big sharks on the point, stay safe everybody! Your fishing friend, Mike

Tuesday, 3/31/2020 P.M.

Good afternoon! Very slow day here, some sharks still and a mermaid sighting. Ha! Easter is right around the corner!  Working on sale stuff, our t-shirts, long sleeves, hooded long sleeves are all 25% off. Just give us a call, 252-995-5414. Thinking about you all!  Hope you all are staying healthy, keep going strong! We…

Fishing Report, 3/30/2020 P.M.

Reported were Sea Mullets and Blowtoads at the end of Old Lighthouse Road. Blowtoads, sharks today and a few big drum caught last night. A few Sea Mullets and Blowtoads at Ramp 55. Sea Mullets at Ramp 48 and 49 on Fishbites(bloodworm formula)this morning. Have a great day!

Fishing Report – 03/27/20

The only fish I heard that were caught today were blow toads on the south beaches. What do you get when you put Nutella on salmon?  You get salmonella.  Denise

Fishing Report – 03/26/20

Today, there were puffers caught at the Point.  Off Ramp 49, an angler caught a nice sea mullet and a puppy drum. Did you hear about the goldfish who went bankrupt?  Now he’s a bronze fish.  Denise

Fishing Report – 03/25/20

Anglers went to the Point hoping to catch stripers.  This morning a few were rewarded with a nice amount of blow toads and a few sea mullet.  Also, a dog shark here and there. Did you know that the Octopus is the only fish that can squirt ink?  Just Squidding.   Denise

Fishing Report – Friday, 03/20/20

Along with some puppy drum, several large red drum (46″ and 47″) were caught at the Point.  At the south beaches a few sea mullet, blow toads, and one blue fish were caught. Why don’t monkfish have girlfriends?  They practice seal-aba-sea.  Denise

Fishing Report – Thursday, 03/19/20

What a beautiful day!  Nice sea mullet are still being caught off Ramp 48.  Also, sharks are being caught. What does a mermaid wear to math class?  An algae-bra, naturally.  Denise

Fishing Report – Wednesday, 03/18/20

There were puppy drum and sea mullet caught off Ramp 48 today. Why will fish never take responsibility? Because it’s always salmon else’s fault.   Denise