Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Fishing Report – 04/16/2021

A black drum approximately 25″ was caught off Ramp 38.  Blue fish and sharks caught off Ramp 55, and five sand tiger sharks were caught off the north side of Ramp 48. Denise

Thursday 4/15/21

Two citation size Drum caught this evening. We also heard about an 8′ sand tiger shark caught south of Ramp 55. Fresh mullet received this evening! -Erin

04/14/2021 Wednesday

Slow fishing today mostly sea mullet and a few blowfish caught off ramp 38, a few sharks were also caught off the point today. Be sure to check in tomorrow Grant Devita.

4/13/2021 Tuesday evening.

I’ve heard about a couple sharks today out at the point and a few sea mullet at ramp 38 and that’s been about it. pretty slow day  but better days are coming so keep the faith and do maintenance on your gear while things are slow and you have a chance to do it. Well…

4/12/2021 Monday evening.

Today was sea mullet and puffers at 38, 48, sharks and sea mullet at the point and 43 also had good numbers of sea mullet. We also have lots of new items in the shop along with plenty of ice drinks and bait stop in and see us. If your just getting started surf fishing…

Sunday 4/11/21

There were many blow toads caught off Ramp 44 today.  That was all we heard.  Maybe the wind kept anglers from fishing. Have you heard about the Sauna that serves food?  Their specialty is steamed mussels.   Denise

4/10/21 Saturday Night.

Hey folks today I have heard about lots of puffers and sea mullet at ramp 49 and I have also heard about several big drum at the point being caught at night. The other huge topic of discussion the last couple days has been how crazy and crowded the point has been. My advice is…

Friday 4/9/21

Five citation drum caught at the Point this afternoon.  These are the ones that we know about. Why are goldfish orange.  The water makes them rusty!  Denise

4/8/21 Thursday.

Seen pictures of a 51″ and a 42″ drum, slow fishing all around today mostly blowfish and sea mullet at the point.

Tuesday 4/6/21

Another sunny, beautiful day here with temps in the high 60’s. Not much reported this afternoon…Blow Toads and Sea Mullet at Ramps 48 & 49. I just put out all NEW Salt Water Assassin plastic bait to get ready for the Speckled Trout. -Erin