Tuesday 4/21/20

Drum caught at the point this morning and this afternoon. South of the point sea mullet. Slot drum north of Buxton and also blue fish. Sound side also had reports of blue fish. Have a great night. Travis

Monday 4/20/2020

Drum are still at the point. A few braved the weather this morning and were rewarded with a drum bite. No other reports about any other fish today. Have a great night…. Travis

Sunday 4/19/2020

The beaches are full of sea mullets. Reports from the inlet ramp 55 all the way to ramp 38 in Avon. Blow toads being caught as well. Big drum caught at the point.

Monday 4/13/2020

There has been no reports of any fish being caught today. Hopefully the wind calms down a bit so we can go get back to it. Have a great day….. Travis

Sunday 4/12/2020

Reports of blow toads and sea mullet at the point today. The sharks are still hanging out! Some kayakers caught some drum this morning between ramp 45 and 49. Might be a nice drum bite tonight at the point? We will see. Have a great Easter everyone………...