With overcast sky,  fishing was slow for the RDT fishing contest held at ramp 44 today.  Only the non working crew from the tackle shop ( Denise and Dan was on duty)  tried to catch a fish this afternoon, but could not catch anything.  Grumpy Joe, before the start of the fishing time, caught a Spanish but could not count it.  Joe’s friend Teri landed the only fish caught during the allotted time and took all the awards with a small pompano which was hooked on a pink and white  glass minnow.  I guess Keith still has not beat DeeDee or anyone else with his Spanish fishing rod…  For everybody else on the beach,  some nice pompano and sea mullets were weighted in at the store.  Some Spanish were also caught today.  Ramp 38, 43, 44, 48, 49, and 55 were also reported catching fish today.