Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

02/16/2021 Tuesday afternoon.

Man the weather sure took a good turn today. Here at the Red Drum we have been busy building rods, getting new stock in, making improvements in the store and basically just getting ready to serve you better this fishing season. And for you guys that live a long way off and wanna gear up…


We had a customer tell us a fish broke his rod today at the jetties. Have not heard much else. Have a great afternoon…….RDT

Thursday 2/11/2021 PM

Puppy drum down at Ramp 55 has still been the hotspot.  These fish were caught on jigheads and grubtails. Using a 1/2 jighead and rootbeer-chartreuse tail. Not much driving area but the fish are there and holding.  Went out to Ramp 43-44, not a soul out there. Some water on the hard road but just…

2/7/21 Sunday morning.

Looks like there were some fish caught last couple days and its raining now but its gonna warm up over the next couple days. The wind is gonna be coming out of the south west so we should be getting some warmer water temps on the beach very soon if not all ready.  So if…


Sea mullet caught at the point jigging today. Reports of puppy drum on ramp 55. Double drop rig with shrimp. It was a nice day to be fishing here in Buxton. Have a great night ……….RDT


Reports of puppy drum caught at ramp 55. Weather is nice today with just an overcast. Have a great day……….RDT


So far we have had a few people go out to the point and the jetties.  Water seems to be rough and dirty.  Did have a report of lines being broke off at the point……….maybe some sharks? Have a great day…….RDT!

02/02/21 Tuesday evening.

Haven’t seen much today did have some people come in and get license to go fishing but i haven’t heard back from them . I also saw for sure some snow flakes outside today. And again if any of you folks like to hunt scotch bonnets south beach all the way to the inlet is…

02/01/21 Monday morning.

There hasn’t been much fishing to report here lately but this weather will straighten up soon . I think now would be a really good time to go shell hunting specially after this last big blow.                                       …


We are still getting reports of black drum at the jetties as of yesterday afternoon. Have a great day! We will keep you updated…………….RDT