Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Fishing Report, Friday 7-5-19

It was a hot one today, but those who went out and fished caught Spanish Mackerels and Sea Mullets.  Small Red Drum were caught in the canals off the sound.  Also, Speckled Trout are still being caught in the sound.   What kind of music should you listen to while fishing?  Something catchy! Denise

Wednesday Fishing Report 07/03/19 PM

Not a lot of fish caught today. Avon had Sea Mullet  and some Spanish. Ramp 48 had a 8 foot Sand tiger shark. No Spanish to report from 44 or 45 this evening. I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th and be safe. Hope tomorrow will bring Good Fishing. Have a Great Day Fishing….

Tuesday fishing report by Dan

The warm weather is still here on the beach, but the Spanish made the evening bite a great one.  Both sides of point had Spanish and 2 to 3 pounds bluefish hitting lures  since about 5 PM to dark tonight.  Some reports of sea mullets and croakers hit bait today along with flounder, sheep heads,…

Monday fishing report by Dan

Another hot day at the beach with sea mullet up north and Spanish on the north size of the point up to the jetties at the light house.  Speckled trout and puppy drums this evening on the sound side north of Avon. Dan

Sunday fishing report by Dan

Hot windy day made fishing slow, but some fishermen caught sharks up at ramp 38 today.  Some sea mullets were reported today and the Spanish remain offshore just outside casting range.  Croakers were reported at ramp 38 also. Dan

Saturday fishing report by Dan

Slow fishing this morning due to island power outage which cut the coffee intake by 50 percent.  After the power came back on, some fishermen went out and caught some pompano and sea mullets out at ramps 43 and 44.  This evening, Spanish show up at ;parking lot at the old ramp 45.  Many Spanish…

Friday fishing report by Dan

A very hot day today, but some fish were caught.  This morning reports of Spanish and bluefish were landed on glass minnows at ramp 44 and at 45.  This evening we has not talked to anybody out fishing this evening.  Some pompano and sea mullet were also reported today. Dan

Fishing Report, Tuesday, 6/25/1019

It was a hot one today.  Those who braved the heat and went fishing caught lots of Croaker at Ramp 38 and a good Spanish Mackerel bite at Ramp 45.   Also caught were a few Sea Mullet.  A couple of friends went to a shop selling half price flat fish.  Cheap skates. Denise

Monday fishing report by Dan

Spanish were reported  at ramp 43 and 44 this morning early.  Pompano and sea mullet were caught through out the day on sand fleas, shrimp, and bloodworms.  Alex Foster from West Va landed a one pound and 13 ounces sea mullet. Dan

Sunday fishing report by Dan

Nice warm weather helped the bite to happen today.  Lots of sea mullets and pompano came in to be weighed in for citations.  The bite was reported at  38, 43, and 44 ramps.  Did not hear anything from ramps 48 and 49 today.  I didn’t hear from the Spanish  and bluefish fishermen, but I am…