Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Monday Afternoon Report 12/02/19 PM

It is 2:00 in the afternoon and the Citation Drum are being caught on the Point as we speak. On Ramp 48 there was a 47 inch Drum caught and released. Yesterday some nice slot Puppy Drum caught behind the Motels. We will update the fishing Report tonight. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede

Fishing Report – Sunday, 12/01/19

Some anglers who braved the weather today were rewarded with catching citation-size drum at Cape Point.  We issued four citations for red drum today. Who gives sharks presents on Christmas?  Santa Jaws.  Denise

Fishing Report – Saturday, 11/30/19

Red drum caught off Ramp 49.  A few black drum and blow toads caught off Ramp 44. Where do fishermen go to get their hair cut?  The bobber shop.  Denise

Fishing Report – Friday, 11/29/19

  At Cape Point sharks were caught and one large red drum.  Off Ramp 55 anglers caught red and black drum and blow toads.  Stripers are being caught up in Manteo. What are fish that engage in organized crime called.  Lobsters.  Denise

Thanksgiving Nov. 28th, 2019

Happy Turkey Day to all our anglers. There were a few fish caught in the wind today. I heard a couple trout at the jetties. Blowtoads up and down the beach, but not in big numbers. Some sea mullet were caught. There were a few slot drum at the point. Also at the point were…

Wednesday Fishing Report 11/27/19 PM

We had a beautiful day. It was in the 70’s. The Blow toads were there if you wanted to catch them. The are great to eat. Speckle trout are still biting good. The Blue Fish were pretty good north of the Point. There were plenty of Sharks on the Point. Still haven’t heard from the…

Fishing Report – Sunday, 11/24/19

It was a good fishing day.  Lots of speckled trout caught off Ramps 43 and 44.  Also, in these areas there were slot size drum and black drum caught today.  For those of you who like a good challenge, there were quite a few skates caught. Did you hear about the lawyer who tried to…

Fishing Report – Saturday, 11/23/19

Again, a good day of fishing.  Sea mullet and black drum were caught in Avon.  At the Point anglers caught puppy drum and spiny dog sharks.   Puppy drum, black drum and speckled trout were caught at the jetties.  South off Ramp 55 lots of slot drum and speckled trout were caught. I was at…

Fishing Report – Friday, 11/22/19

Today was a decent day for fishing.   A few large drum and puppy drum caught at the Point today.  Black drum were caught up and down the beach.  Speckled trout were caught at the jetties. Did you hear about the red ship that collided with the blue ship?  All the sailors were marooned.  Denise…

Fishing Report – Thursday, 11/21/19

It was a nice day.  Speckled trout and puppy drum were caught a little north off ramp 49.  At the south side of the Point anglers caught puppy drum and large blow toads.  Speckled trout and black drum were caught at the jetties. My school performed a play about fishing.  It was a huge hit…