Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.


Ramp 55 had blow toads, sea mullet and dog sharks. Point had dog sharks. Have a great night……….RDT


King fish where caught offshore today. Dog sharks at the point and 55. Yesterday had a puppy drum at the point. Have a great night…..RDT

3/2/2021 Tuesday.

Also wanted to let everyone know we just got our new tide charts in and don’t forget our Penn Squall’s and 12 Ft Penn  Battalion rods are still on sale.

3/2/2021 Tuesday.

Hey guys we just got some mullet in for bait we have 50 pounds of fresh jumping mullet . I also heard about somebody fishing sound side in Avon catching trout so things are starting to happen people it’s not gonna be long and season will be here.   Mike.


Today i have heard about bluefish skates and dog sharks all at the point. I  was told the water really looks good also.


What a great day here in Buxton. Sunshine and some warm air. Had a report of some small sharks at the point. Hopefully this warm weather keeps coming and the fishing picks up. Have a great night…….RDT

2/24/2021 Wednesday.

Heard about puppy drum being caught at ramp 55 yesterday and today. I saw a photo of a 7 pound bass caught yesterday. Just wanted to remind everyone we have those Penn Squalls combo’d with a Penn Battalion 12′ rod for $199. Individually the Penn Squall and the Penn Battalion are $99.95/each on sale. We…

2/24/2021 Wednesday morning.

Well folks I just got my first report of fish being caught in about a week or so. I was told there was a nice puppy drum bite at 55 yesterday.  the fella that told me this was buying shrimp for bait so there ya go its an absolutely beautiful day out there and like…

2/23/21 Tuesday Evening.

It sure is a beautiful day today folks I would think there should be a bass or two biting in the ponds here on the island. A good bright sunny day warms up a small shallow body of water like a pond pretty quick and the bass bite can be just crazy good  when the…

2/21/2021 Sunday morning.

Morning folks I just checked the Rutgers water temp site and it doesn’t look good at all there is lots and lots of really cold water out there. But we can use this time to do some maintenance on our fishing gear get everything cleaned up and restrung with fresh line and fresh grease for…