Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Thursday March 7th, 2019

Not too much to report today. Weather should warm up tomorrow and into the weekend. Time change is this weekend also, so don’t forget to set those clocks forward. Casey

Tuesday March 5th, 2019

Cold and rainy day here on the island. Looks like freezing temperatures over the next few days as well. We still have great deals going on in the shop. Suffix Tritanium is buy 2 get 1 free, and we have tons of Dawa Trout rods set at 50% off! Stay warm. Casey

Fishing Report Monday 03/04/2019

Well we didn’t get the South Wind we were hoping for so not that many people were fishing today.  We did hear that there were still some Sea Mullet being caught as well as some Skates and Dog Sharks.  Think Spring Everyone…. Looks like it’s right atround the corner.  

Saturday March 2nd, 2019

It was a nice day here on Hatteras, hoping for some warmer temps tomorrow. Not too much to report. A few sharks and skates down towards Hatteras. I was also told of a few small blow toads down Ramp 55. We have some great sales going on for all of our anglers: Crossfire and Sweepfire…

Friday March 1st, 2019

It was a nice day here on Hatteras Island. This weekend should show us some warmer temps with a little bit of rain on Saturday. They were reports of sea mullet down Ramp 55 in good numbers. I was also told of a few sea mullet in Frisco off of Ramp 49. Red Drum were…

Thursday February 7, 2018

We haved moved and will be open tomorrow! The weather should be beautiful with a high of 66. We moved right down the street right in front of the park entrance (the old Point Restaurant). Anglers have been reporting Puppy Drum and Black Drum at the Point and down Ramp 55. A few yearlings were…

Fishing Report For 01/26/2019

What a beautiful January day on the Outer Banks, just what the doctor ordered to lift the spirits and help chase away the winter blahs.  Higher than normal temperatures, a bit of sunshine, and lower than normal winds beckoned a few fishermen to get out and try their luck.  The Dog Sharks managed to keep…

Fridays Fishing Report 01/25/2019

Fishing Report 01/25/2019: Well, after a few weeks of very slow fishing, things started to heat up a little today. The Point seemed to be the place today with reports coming in for Black Drum some topping out near 30 Lbs. as well as Puppy Drum. Ramps 48 and 49 reported large Sea Mullet in…


Good afternoon everyone.  Well, the weather took a slight turn for the better today with the wind dropping out a little and some sunshine.  In addition to the Dog Sharks and Skates that they have been catching we actually had a report of some flounder at the Inlet.

01/12/19 Fishing Report

Well as most of you probably guessed the fishing has been a little slow.  For those who wanted to go out and see their rod bend a little, we have had reports of fairly good size Dog Sharks and Skates from almost everyone venturing out.  Mix in a few Puppy Drum for those lucky enough…