Fishing Reports

Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Fishing Report, Saturday, 6/8/19

Well, the rain held off yet again, allowing anglers to catch Spanish mackerel, blue fish and sea mullet.  Also, a citation Pompano was caught.  The Sound has been producing speckled trout, croaker and spot.  How many times do you have to tickle an octopus to make it laugh?…………….Tentacles. Denise

Fishing Report, Friday, 6/7/19

The rain held off, and we have received reports of sea mullet, Spanish mackerel, blue fish , pompano, and croaker being caught today.  We issued one citation for a 2 lb. pompano.  Off shore they were catching mahi mahi and black fin tuna.  Do you know what side of a fish has the most scales?…

Thursday Fishing Report 06/06/19 PM

It was a little breezy today. I had a young man that did well with Sea Mullet on ramp 44. Ramp 55 had some Blue fish. Tomorrow should be a good day fishing and the water should clean up. We should see Spanish and Blue fish on metal tomorrow. Have a Great day Fishing. Dede

Wednesday Fishing Report

Ramp 44 had some pretty Sea Mullet and Marty Adam caught a 3lb and 4oz Pompano.  This morning some Blue fish and some Spanish. Ramp 55 had some Sea Mullet and Blue Fish. Popa Joe caught 7 Spanish last night. He had his game on. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede

Tuesday fishing report by Dan

Nice day to be on the beach with some sea mullets and pompano being caught.  This morning Spanish and bluefish were caught on lures.  Speckled  trout were reported in the sound hitting grub’s tails.  This evening, Grumpy was happy with 7 nice Spanish landed on the ghost lure. Dan

Fishing Report, Monday 06/03/2019 PM

This morning was good for catching Spanish Mackerel.  Then the winds picked up, and the bite was off.  Some Sea Mullet were caught but no citations today.  Lots of small Speckled Trout in the sound being caught on grubs.  You can’t catch-em if you don’t have a line in the water! Denise

Fishing Report, 06/02/2019, PM

Nick brought in a Spanish Mackerel that weighed approximately 4 pounds .  Also, Timothy Hartsell caught a 4 pound, 3 ounce Pompano; he will receive a citation.  There is a good chance that the water will be clean tomorrow so get out on the beach and get those Spanish! Denise

Fishing Report 06/01/2019 PM

It has been a nice day for fishing with a variety of fish caught.  Pompano and Sea Mullet were caught, several of each were citation size.  Also, Blue fish and Spanish Mackerel were caught.  Reported were a nice black drum and a 20 inch flounder.  A good day for anglers.  Tomorrow should also be good…

Thursday Fishing Report 05/30/19 PM

It was a hot and windy day. The fishing was a little slow. The water got a little dirty. Ramp 48 had a few Blue fish on bait. There was a few Sea Mullet on ramp 38. Ramp 43 and 44 had a few Sea Mullet and Blue fish on bait. A few went out…

Tuesday Fishing Report 05/28/19 PM

It was a little hot but sunny. I weighted in some pretty citation Pompano. There sure has been some Pompano and Sea Mullet these past couple of weeks. This evening towards the closure on ramp 44 there was a nice bite on Spanish on Metal. Ramp 45 also had a nice bite on Spanish. There…