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Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Sunday fishing report by Dan

Red drums are still being caught down at inlet by small boat fishermen from keepers to citation size fish.  Sea mullets were the main fish reported on the beach today. Dan

Saturday fishing report Dan

Fishing is still on the slow side due to muddy water, but the weather is getting better.  Down at the inlet, small boats are still finding red drums in all sizes.  Bluefish and sea mullet are being caught up and down the beaches with spots and croakers.  Spanish and pompano should be back as the…

Friday fishing report by Dan

The few fishing reports for today, made  a few fishermen happy.  A nice sheepshead was caught over at the jetties today.  Reports of one pound plus sea mullets were being caught.  Small sharks were also caught today.  In the sound down by the inlet, red drums are being reported in good numbers by the small…

Thursday Fishing Report 08/02/18 PM

Clamming has opened back up after testing from all the rain. Avon had some Pompano, Sea Mullet, Croakers and Spots. A nice citation Sea mullet caught at the Jetties. Ramp 38 had Spots and Croaker. The water has been a little dirty. Brian, the boys and Kink were fishing in the boat today and caught…

Wednesday Fishing Report 08/01/18 PM

We had a pretty day with no rain. Fishing was a little slow. Ramp 38 had plenty of Spots and Croakers with some Blue fish. Ramp 55 had some Blue fish. Ramp 44 had some Sea Mullet and pompano. Avon had Sea Mullet, Spots and Croakers. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Have a Great Day…

Tuesday Evening Fishing Report 07/31/18

Spanish, pompano and 1 yearling at Ramp 55…Sea mullet, pompano and 1 18″ flounder at Ramp 44…1 17″ flounder caught behind the motels. The fishing has picked back up and the skies have cleared up. Come on down and get your lines wet! DEDE

Monday Evening Fishing Report 07/30/18

We had a little bit of rain this morning but for the most part, its been a pretty nice day here on Hatteras Island.  The water is still churned up from all of the previous rain that we have had and the South West wind, so fishing has not been the best.  We have had…

Sunday fishing report by Dan

One citation sea mullet was caught by Alex Foster from WV. the weight was 1 pound and 10 ounce.  Some flounders were reported behind the motels this afternoon.  Croakers were caught in the sound this evening. Dan

Saturday fishing report by Dan

With flooded ramps from Buxton south to pole road, most fishermen were fishing ramp 38 and above.  Small sea mullet and croakers were reported at ramp 38.  Some Spanish were spotted jumping, but no were hooked at ramp 38. Dan

Friday fishing reported by Dan

Fishing is getting better.  Puppies are being caught up in the sound above Avon.  Sea mullets are reported on the ocean side up in Avon.  In the sound down by Hatteras inlet, cobias are being  caught by small boaters using chum and bunker.  Offshore boats reported wahoo. Dan