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Spanish mack on 55 and the point. sharks at the point as well. Lastly, a sheepshead weighed in today………………………..RDT!!!


Report of a pompano caught at ramp 55. Sharks at the point today. Sea mullet at the jetties.  Have a great night…………………..RDT!!!

Monday 5/2/22

Not much to report today…I heard 38 had Sea Mullet. I did have one gentleman come in to fill out a citation for a 44″ Drum that he caught at the Point.

Sunday 5/1/22

We weighed in a citation Sea Mullet caught at ramp 55. Plenty of sharks to be caught at the Point. Also caught at the Point, citation Drum and some yearling. Ramp 30: sea mullet and Blue fish.

Saturday 4/30/22

Multiple reports from the point of schools of Drum passing by and circling. 100 or so caught last night. We had numerous citations filled out today for Drum up to 46″. A 52″ Black Drum was caught south of the point on a double hook bottom rig!

Friday 4/29/22

After a very slow start this morning, there was a large school of big drum at the point today with several citation fish caught from the evening into the night. There were as many sea mullets as you could catch at 48 and reports of bluefish and mullet at the point as well. Hope everybody…

Tuesday Fishing Report

Lots of Sea Mullet, from a pound and a half to two pounds!!! Ramps 43, 44 and 48. A few Puppy Drum on the beach on Ramp 44, some incredible Sheepshead caught down on Ramp 55.  Fishing buddies Phillip and Austin caught some doozies!!! 8lbs 13oz. and 11lbs 14oz.!!! Will post the pictures soon!  Caught…


Sea Mullet and Blow toads down at Ramp 55! Puppy Drum, Sea Mullet and Blow toads at Ramp 38. Drum at The Point. Puppy Drum at Ramp 48 and Ramp 49. Have a great day!


Just got fresh mullet in!! 3:45 p.m.


Sharks and Puppy Drum at The Point. Weighed a 2 pound Sea Mullet today. Ramp 55 had citation sized drum last night. Ramp 38 had Puppy Drum. Got some fresh mullet in around 9:00 p.m. and ran out prior to close. We are expecting more fresh mullet late morning or early afternoon tomorrow.