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Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Wednesday Fishing Report 4/11/18 PM

This afternoon on ramp 43 one Puppy Drum. South of the Point some Sea Mullet, Blow Toads, and Black Drum. Frisco Pier (Old Pier) had plenty of Black Drum. Ramp 49 had Sea Mullet and Blow Toads. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede


Well lets start with a quick update for Monday and Tuesday.  Reports just in this morning on those braving the elements.  Mondays fishermen were rewarded with Keeper Flounder and Sheepshead from the Jetties. Congratulations goes out to David Minion for a 44″ Citation Drum that he beached on Tuesday on a brand new Green Rod…..

Tuesday Fishing Report 04/10/18 PM

Today and tomorrow looks like the last of the cold thank goodness. The only thing I have to report today are Dog sharks. The wind is going to the SE tomorrow night and from then on it will be warm up. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede

Monday evening fishing report 04/09/18

There were reports of Blue fish being caught on the north end of ramp 48 this morning and reports of a few puffer fish caught at ramp 48 and 49 this morning.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

Sunday fishing report by Dan

Rainy morning clear in the  afternoon and some fishermen went out to fish.  Down at the inlet, some big drums were caught before the water temp dropped and the dog sharks show up. Not much else was reported. Dan

Saturday Evening Fishing Report 04/07/18

Rain, rain, rain! That’s all its been doing here today!  A few people did venture out and there were reports of a couple of big Red Drum being caught and reports of 3 small yearlings caught at Ramp 43.  Hope everyone has a great evening and tight lines! Bryan

Friday eveing fishing report 04/06/18

Reports of puppy drum, blue fish. puffer fish and sharks at the point…nice citation size drum have been caught this evening at the point! Get on out before the weather changes and catch ya one! Have a great evening guys!

Fresh Bait:

Just got a nice batch of Bunker in this morning and should have more on the way.

Thursday evening fishing report 04/05/18

Pretty but cool and windy here today.  There has been reports of big sharks and scattered puppy drum being caught at the point today.  The wind is supposed to shift back towards the South West tomorrow and the temp will be in the high 60’s, so hopefully there will be more to report fishing wise. …

Wednesday Fishing Report 04/04/18 PM

The Big Drum showed up. There were about 15-20 citation Drum caught and released today. We have posted pictures of some of the citation Drum . There were also Puppy Drum caught. The Drum were caught on the south of the Point. Ramp 48 and 49 had Blow Toads and a few Sea Mullet. Have…