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Our staff are always working to bring you the most up to date fishing reports for the Cape Point and the entire Cape Hatteras inshore and offshore areas. We update our reports daily, more often when needed. Get a report or give a report, we’re always ready to talk.

Sunday fishing report by Dan

5 inches of rain this morning made for a wet start with only a few fish reported.  Bluefish up to 14 pounds 11 ounce were reported along with a 42 inch big drum and some small drums.  Sea mullets, big sharks, and rays reported most of the day.  This evening, a few more big drums…

Saturday fishing report by Dan

This morning fishing was slow with one big drum and a large bluefish being caught out at the point.  For the rest of the day, big sharks, skates, cow nose rays, and small sharks were hitting out around the point.  Sea mullets were being caught in good numbers.  Avon pier reported big drums and sea…

Friday evening fishing report

Sea Mullet and Bluefish at the point…1 Yearling caught this morning at the point…Reports of scattered red drum being caught from the point to south beach this afternoon/evening. Hope y’all have a great night and tight lines! Bryan

Thursday evening fishing report 05/03/18

Sea mullet caught on the south side of the point today…Keeper blues and puppy drum were also reported being caught.  I did hear of a few citation Red Drum being caught (and released) this evening at the Point. Hope everyone has a great evening and tight lines! Bryan

Wednesday Report 05/02/18 PM

The Point had a good bite on Drum tonight. There was 30-40 citation Drum caught and released. This afternoon Bryan and Rickie caught and released two citation Drum. Even Dan caught and released a citation Drum tonight. Early today all the Big Sharks you wanted to catch on the Point and Skates. Ramp 49 had…

Tuesday evening fishing report 05/01/18

Happy first day of May!! Its been a good day of fishing here today. We’ve had reports of Blowtoads caught at Ramp 38 today.  Sea Mullet, Bluefish and a few big Red Drum were caught at the Point this evening.   A lot of the Bluefish were caught using metal and on the North side…

Sunday Night fishing report by Dan

Another day of sharks fishing out at the point.  Some bluefish and sea mullets were reported today, but the main event was sharks up to 7 feet or more.  Lots of tackle was needed to try and land these sharks.  Warm weather is coming back in a few days and maybe the big drums and…

Thursday evening fishing report 04/26/18

Beautiful day here on the island today! Reports of slot sized puppy drum and upper slot sized puppy drum being caught at the point. Big sharks and sting rays at the point!  Hope everyone has a great evening and tight lines. Bryan

Early Thursday 04/26/2018

Looks like its going to be a great day out there today.  We are already receiving reports of Upper Slot Drum from the Point as well as some 5′-6′ Sharks.  The wind is “currently” almost non-existent, the water temp is right, and the tide is right.  Come on out and see us.

Wednesday Fishing Report 04/25/18 PM

It sure felt like Spring today. The Point this evening had some nice citation Drum caught. Mixed in with the Drum were some Big Blue Fish and Sharks. Avon had a few Puppy Drum. Ramp 43 had a couple of Puppy Drum. This morning on the Point there was one 44 inch Drum caught and…