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8/9/2022, Tuesday

**The walkover at Ramp 45 is now open and were catching good number of Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel this morning. Spanish, Blues, and sharks at Ramps 43,44,45 and 55. Large croakers, puppy drum, and bluefish on the soundside. Have a great day! Kara and Travis


Heard of spanish and blues on 43 and 44, sharks behind the motels and down at 55. Pompano at 55 as well as Spanish. Have a great day!


Had some great action today! Aside from the sharks, we had a 1.5 pound pompano off of 44 as well as some Spanish and Blues on the southside. There was also another cobia caught at the inlet today. We also had the pleasure of filling out 3 citations for some nice Drum caught at Oregon…


Reports of sharks on 44 and 55. There was a nice bite of spanish and blues on the walking side of 44 on the southern side of the closure as well as at 55. Heard of nice trout bites in Frisco and around Hatteras. Have a great day!


Sharks at the point today. Ramp 43 and 44 croakers. Sharks at ramp 55. Have a great night …………RDT


Pretty windy day today. Pompano and sea mullet were caught on ramp 48. Plenty of croaker and spot caught at ramps 43 and 44. A few gray trout were also caught at ramp 44. Have a great night.


Lots of sharks were caught here in Buxton behind the motel and on ramps 43 and 44. Some blue fish were also caught on the south side of the point closure. Have a great night!


Heard of a spanish, mullet, and some sharks at 44. Have a great day!


We just got fresh mullet in! Come and get it!

Sharks behind the motel and at 44. Come in and get geared up to get in on the action! Have a great day!