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This Puppy Drum was caught behind the motels here in Buxton. Today we heard about some Puppy Drum and Mullet caught at Ramp 34. More Mullet caught at Ramp 44. Erin


Had one report of a citation drum from the point along with a puppy drum. More north on ramp 44 blow toads and blue fish.  Have a great night………..RDT!!!!!!!


Yesterday we had a great drum run at the point. Ramp 44, 43, 55 and 38 had reports of puppy drum and blue fish.  Today the bite was a bit slow. The point had sharks, rays and blue fish. One report of a puppy drum at ramp 55. Have a great...


Reports of red drum and lots of sharks at the point, large black drum and blowtoads at 55 and Hatteras inlet. Some slot sized black drum near the lighthouse.