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1/24/21 Sunday evening.

Well folks all I’ve heard today is  black drum at the jetties on shrimp but i do have local buddies  that are still catching puppy drum in the sound on mullet with bottom rigs so its up to you guys which you want to try. ...


Black drum where caught at the jetties today. Blow toads at the top of ramp 44 yesterday, not sure about today. Sharks at the point. Hope everyone has a great weekend………RDT


We have reports of puppy drum and blow toads being caught at the jetties on shrimp. Some small specks on jigs at the jetties as well. If anything else happens and we hear about we will let you all know. Thanks…………………RDT


Reports of some black drum at the jetties yesterday. Ramp 48 had sea mullet and puppy drum. Some blue fish on jigs at ramp 55.  Talk later today everyone. Have a great morning……………RDT

1/19/21 Tuesday morning

Well guys i have a couple things this morning first we just got a load of fresh cobb mullet in 30 minuet’s ago they were still flopping and jumping out of the bait box out front then we looked at the Rutgers water temp site and all of a sudden i heard the back...