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Saturday fishing report by Dan

Spanish and bluefish were hitting lures at the south side walk in area all day.  Pompano and sea mullets were reported being caught at ramps 48 and 49.  No reports from down by the inlet, but both ocean and sound side were crowded. Dan

Friday fishing reported by Dan

Northeast winds are cooling down the area and making the water dirty.  Sea mullets, bluefish, and sea robins are being caught from Avon to Frisco.  Bluefish were reported at the close point area.  Some small pompano were also report down at Frisco Area.  Mild weather...

Thursday Fishing Report 08/23/18 PM

It sure was a pretty day with no humidity. Ramp 44 had some Blue Fish. The south corridor from the Point had Bluefish and Spanish. Ramp 49 had Pompano, Sea Mullet and Bluefish. Avon had Sea Mullet and Sea Robins. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede

Wednesday Fishing Report 08/22/18 PM

Fishing was a little slow today. The wind blew hard out of the SW. We have a front coming thru and the wind will be North. Ramp 44 had small Pompano and small Bluefish. Avon had a few Bluefish, Spot and Sea Robins. The North wind should get that water cleaned back up...

Tuesday Fishing Report 08/21/18 PM

Fishing was pretty good. Ramp 38 had Spanish, Blue Fish and Sea Robins. Ramp 44 had Spanish and Blue Fish this evening. Avon had Blue Fish, Spanish , Pompano, and Sea Robins. Puppy Drum caught by the inshore boats. Have a Great Day Fishing. Dede